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Seamless Flooring Systems has been in existence since 2003 and is involved in product innovation, development, manufacture and distribution as well as applicator training. We are committed to ensuring that all our products get correctly installed.

Seamless Flooring Systems take tremendous pride in being able to assist our clients in advance so that the recipient of one of our floors has a smooth and pleasurable installation experience.

”  We aim to deliver the highest quality durable flooring systems at the most affordable price to all our clients in Sub Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands, while still following sustainable responsible practices.  “

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Apart from our own flooring ranges, Seamless Flooring Systems has also built up a network of International and local flooring suppliers which has enabled us to offer the latest techniques and technology.

Seamless Flooring Systems brands are manufactured and produced in Internationally certified ISO 9001 plants locally and across the globe.

/ Quartz Carpet


Internationally renowned Quartz Carpet is a seamless quartz flooring system that is available in 50 countries word-wide and on all 5 continents. Its success is due to its natural sophistication and unique seamless aesthetic appeal.

Quartz Carpet is hygienic, stain resistant and easy to maintain. Its scratch resistant surface is not dented by heavy furniture and the stone measures an 8 on the MOH scale of hardness whereby a diamond measures 10! The air pockets between the naturally rounded quartz stones, take on the ambient temperature of the air, which make the flooring warm in winter, cool in summer, and offers a smooth textured tactile feel underfoot.

Quartz Carpet Classic Flooring uses 2-3mm size naturally rounded stones to produce a soft non-slip floor that can seamlessly flow between inside and outside areas.

Quartz Carpet Fine Grain Flooring uses smaller stones, is fully sealed and has an installation height of 4mm. It can be applied directly over tiles making it ideal for interior improvements as doors heights are usually not affected.

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/ Playsafe


Playsafe safety flooring addresses all the common issues associated with traditional safety surfacing. These include cracking, fading and surface temperatures. Playsafe products can be tailored to suit individual project considerations, such as slip resistance, safety fall protection and drainage.

Playsafe Playground safety ‘wet pour’ EPDM rubber floors combine high elasticity with colourful flooring options to offer exceptional shock absorption properties and help reduce the risk of fall-related injuries. It is suitable for daycare playgrounds, community and township parks, athletic sports tracks and even as retirement home safety flooring.

Playsafe Aquatic flooring is perfectly suited for water theme parks, rehabilitation hydro therapy pools, or public swimming pool surrounds, where a chlorine resistant and non slip surface is required. It is formulated to hinder the growth of fungi/algae, is flexible, seamless and easy to maintain.

Playsafe SMUGA (Surfacing for Multi-use Games Areas) is a range of pre-formed interlocking floors. It is suitable for children’s play areas, cricket turfs, tennis courts, football, basketball and hockey pitches. SMUGA flooring is available in an array of bright colours, which offers the functionality of several sports being accommodated into one play zone with customized demarcation lines. SMUGA is committed to providing sport and play solutions for the local community.


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/ Nomo


NoMo artificial grass looks like real grass but requires no mowing, fertilizing or watering. NoMo is easy to clean and maintain. NoMo can be laid directly onto screeded concrete, prepared soil, or an EcoRubba safety rubber surface. It creates a safer fall surface under play equipment, that looks and feels like grass.

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Cemfloor is a 3mm hand-coloured cement floor covering that offers a functional pragmatic surface in a range of natural tones to complement any interior. It is contemporary, seamless, affordable and natural with a hint of movement.

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